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We don’t just give students an education and experiences that set them up for success in a career. We help them succeed in their career—to discover a field they’re passionate about and dare to lead it.

About Our College

Purpose and Educational Philosophy

Freshart College is an innovative educational college of study, focusing exclusively on providing the highest level of education in art and design, aiming to produce creative and versatile artists. The College is a Fully Registered and Recognized Private Institution of Higher Education under the Cyprus Ministry of Education.

Self Development

Why Choose Freshart?

A main objective of Freshart is to produce multifunctional specialist graduates. The College invests to create graduates which will become experts to their chosen areas of study, while also developing high knowledge and skills in other fields art and design.

As a College focusing exclusively in art and design, Freshart has advanced facilities equipped with professional equipment for all its courses, giving to all students the opportunity to use them, experiment and learn without extra cost, even if they follow different pathways, or year of study.

Freshart provides all necessary guidance and help to the students, in order to develop their skills and knowledge with a variety of tools and facilities. The tutors, technicians, and supporting offices, are available at all times to support the students’ needs. 

Self Development

Students at Freshart College have the opportunity to become specialized in their chosen pathway, and also to improve their skills to other art and design fields. As an art college, Freshart provides exclusive experience in art and design, in an environment where its students interact, get inspiration and influence from peers from the same and different art and design pathways. They have the opportunity to work with different equipment, learn alternative techniques, and use those that will help them develop further in their specialization area.

Students will have the opportunity:

  • to gain industry experience (work placement)
  • to join student exchange programs
  • to participate in local and international art trips/visits
  • to attend lectures, seminars and professional’s speeches


Starting college is an exciting time, with lots of opportunities to take advantage of – some students can find this quiet daunting. Our team can help students cope better with the challenges of academic study, independent living and thriving in a new environment.

Need to Talk?

If you’ve got something troubling you and you want to talk to someone in confidence about anything that’s bothering you, no matter how big or small, call or instant message your personal tutor.


The Freshart College is committed to providing a vibrant, ethical and sustainable work, study environment that values equality, diversity and inclusion.


Advice and Guidance

Our campus is safe and secure in relation to Covid-19. This includes implementing campus flow strategies, cleaning, sanitation points, signage and screening. It is imperative that all students adhere to government guidance and college requirements should you be studying on campus or attending campus:

  • Do not attend face-to-face enrollment sessions if you have symptoms or are self-isolating. Please ensure that you complete the admission process and contact info@freshart.com.cy to advise that you need to enroll remotely so that we can confirm your enrollment. Please only attend a face-to-face session once your isolation has finished.
  • Do not attend face-to-face teaching sessions if you have symptoms or are self-isolating. Please contact your programme leader to discuss how you can engage with your studies during this time.
  • If you have symptoms or are self-isolating then please do not attend campus (e.g. to attend the library, use facilities) until your self-isolation has finished.

The global pandemic is causing challenges for us all. Here at the Freshart College, we aim to keep you updated with all news in this fast moving environment. Below are the answers to some frequently asked questions about coming to study with us in 2020.

How will social distancing be maintained? Furniture has been reduced and stickers on floors and furniture indicate social distancing, including in communal spaces.

Will sanitiser be provided?  Yes. All students, staff and visitors will need to use the hand sanitiser on entering the building.

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