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About Us

Purpose and Educational Philosophy

Freshart College is an innovative educational college of study, focusing exclusively on providing the highest level of education in art and design, aiming to produce creative and versatile artists. The College is a Fully Registered and Recognized Private Institution of Higher Education under the Cyprus Ministry of Education.

The facilities, the staff and the educational philosophy of the college, provide all the motives and incentives to students from Cyprus and abroad to live a unique experience in the world of arts.


Freshart College is a multicultural private School of Higher Education where its headquarters are located in the heart of the most traditional city of Cyprus, Paphos.

In collaboration with the University of Northampton in the United Kingdom, it aims to continually evolve and adapt to new teaching trends and teaching methods, as well as new programs of study in the arts and design.

International Recognition / Collaborations

Freshart College is an approved centre by the following UK boards:

  • BTEC Centre
  • EDEXCEL Centre
  • UCAS Centre


The College organizes annual educational trips abroad as well as within Cyprus, students participate in charity workshops, art events, fashion shows, and the College’s annual exhibition, which has been established as a pioneering event of art activity in Cyprus.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

The college offers full or partial scholarships, depending on the students’ previous academic performance, financial and family situation.

Collaboration of Freshart College with the University of Northampton - UON

Freshart College has developed full partnership with the University of Northampton in the fields of Art and Design, providing students the opportunity to experience University education through programs of study, faculty visits, student exchanges and the sharing of online media such as the library of the University, seminars and lectures.

Collaborations of Freshart College with Universities of the United Kingdom

Freshart College has developed various collaborations with Universities in the United Kingdom, so that the taught material is fully recognized and identified, creating new opportunities for the students to explore. In addition, the college student can join student exchange programs gaining new experiences and new knowledge.

Careers and Career Direction in the Creative Industry

Freshart College, within the framework of its philosophy, and the appropriate preparation of its students for immediate employment upon completion of their studies, has secured multiple collaborations with organizations, pioneers in the creative industry in Cyprus, where students while in study, he/she has the opportunity to come in direct contact and experience the requirements of the chosen profession/industry.


Freshart College has state-of-the-art facilities fully equipped with all the necessary requirements for their study in art and design.

The College has, among other things:

  • Production rooms
  • Photography / cinema studio
  • Dark Photography Room
  • Artists’ studios
  • Carpentry
  • Metal workshop
  • Fashion and fabric design room
  • Computer labs
  • Lecture rooms
  • Rooms with display capabilities
  • Library
  • Exhibition space
  • Cafeteria
  • Art materials shop

The lecture rooms and laboratories of the College are designed to provide students with all the necessary practical resources in a real work environment. The College has also a Student Support Service and the library is also electronically connected with the library of the University of Northampton – UON, in addition to the College’s own library resources.